Description of data file in line with the Personal Data Act:

1. Controller

IceStop / Wenda Oy
Tuulissuonkuja 1
21420 Lieto

Business ID:  0996778-7
E-mail: sales(a)

2. Person in charge of data file issues

Jan Forsbom
E-mail: jan.forsbom(a)

3. Name of data file

IceStop / Wenda Oy customer register

4. Purpose of data file

The customer register will be used to take care of customer contact and customer relationships, carry out the rights and duties of the customer and online store and to process personal information relating to the online store in line with the Personal Data Act. It will also be used for research purposes, the distribution of information and marketing for registered customers. Ice Stop / Wenda Oy commits to refrain from disclosing customer register information to parties outside of the customer relationship.

5. Types of data contained in the file

At maximum, the file contains the following information on customers:
Contact information (name and contact details for contacting the customer)
Identification information (password/username)
Areas of interest (product groups)
Permission information (permission given by the customer to send marketing messages)
Information on termination of customer relationship

6. Sources of data in the personal data file in adherence to regulations

The source of data is information collected from the customer when she/he or company registers with the online service and information collected during the customer relationship. Information in the data file is updated on the basis of notifications given to the collector by the customer. In addition, information from public resources and files may be used to update the file.

7. Disclosure of data file information

No data file information will be disclosed outside of Ice Stop / Wenda Oy without requesting the customer’s permission and giving separate notification.

8. Deletion of data file information

Information can be deleted at the customer’s request or when the customer relationship ends. In addition, information may have to be deleted as a result of monitoring if the customer misuses the service.

9. Data file protection

Personal data is stored as confidential. Data file usage rights and access to the file is restricted only to absolutely necessary members of Ice Stop / Wenda Oy personnel. Access to the devices and software in which the file is located is protected with user ID and passwords, and the machines are sufficiently guarded.

10. Cookies

Ice Stop / Wenda Oy uses Cookies on Ice Stop’s website. Cookies are small files which are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone whenever you visit. We use Cookies to analyse our website usage (Google Analytics) to improve our services and to provide you with tailored ads. Cookies contain no personal information. Cookies will not be forwarded or sold to a third party.

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